Day trip to Suzhou

If you like trail running/hiking, visiting hidden monasteries, while cleaning the trails, TRC Suzhou trip is for you! 

Expect lots of pictures and a nice day in nature.

Date: 9:00-16:00, April 27 (Saturday) 

Location: Suzhou railway station 

TR & AR Spring plogging

If you are looking for something more than a run, Trash Running China connects with Adidas Runners for a  social running with street cleaning, to improve the city, people’s live, and to build a moment.

Date: 18:30- 21:00, April 13 (Saturday)

Location: Adidas (West Nanjing Rd)

Trash Run at Dishui Lake

This Qingming holiday, run with us at a national water conservancy scenic spot. It’s not only an eco-run but also a spring tour! Games, picnic, photos and so much more!

Date: April 5 (Friday)

Location: Dishui Lake/line16